Being active in the travel industry for more than 20 years, Dutch designer, Ruud Winder and his collaborator Mark Wittebrood, were aware of the need for travellers to have contact with other travellers, from day one. They developed in 1997 the first message board for travellers in The Netherlands, and launched in 2001 one of the first social networks for travellers worldwide: BackpackersOnly.com.
 Original design by Else © 
With the new technology of apps, Ruud Winder (winner of the Red Dot Award and the REBRAND100 Global Award 2014) designed a new tool to get access to other travellers as quickly as possible. An app to find out who else is around…right now! Together with his strong team of programmers, he developed the app 'Else'. With branding the app "Else", the app also came available to Au Pairs, workers, students, etc. which proved popular after the successful Australian launch.
 It's all about human interaction 
The focus of Mark Wittebrood is to keep the app clean…that means no spam from “exotic girls” with dodgy requests, or from fake travellers pushing an ad for new sports shoes! Only likable requests of nice people around you. Not only dating, but to do things together, whether grabbing a beer, seeing a music festival or… anything else! "An app is no machine or just a piece of software, we are the hosts of our environment where travellers meet each other. We feel responsible for them, as they're living in our house". With test panels and intensive research operations, the Else team is constantly optimizing the app and its usability, making it a clean and easy app to experience.
 Small community & big community 
In his profession as a brand expert, Ruud Winder made the Else app available for other companies to use as their own app with their own design and branding. With branded versions, the app can be completely focussed on the like-minded aspect and similarity. E.g. who else is in this hostel? Who else is on this bus? Who else is an exchange student here? And with just one easy move, they can switch over to find all other Else users across the world.
  In short 
We can describe Else as 3 major elements;
  1. An app where travellers can find each other
  2. An app you can have completely branded in your design.
  3. An app running Else as the backbone – giving a complete, easy and ready-made overview of global users and data.
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